Advisory Board

World-renowned scientists, scholars, psychologists, authors, educators and practitioners sit on the World Happiness Forum Advisory Board. Inaugural members include:

• Acclaimed neuroscientist Dr Richard J Davidson
• Renowned positive psychology lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar
• Pioneering scholar on consciousness and meditation, Dr B. Alan Wallace
• Innovative well-being researcher and economist, Nic Marks
• Leading sociologist and psychologist known for research on flourishing, Dr Corey Keyes
• Inspiring author and humanitarian, Matthieu Ricard; and
• One of the UK’s most high profile independent school headmasters, Dr Anthony Seldon

Australian Advisory Board Members include:
• Leading positive psychologist and founder of The Happiness Institute, Dr Tim Sharp
• Medical education innovator and GP, Dr Craig Hassed
• Leading teacher, educator and psychologist, Professor Toni Noble

Australian Advisory Board Members.