Tools & techniques for happiness & wellbeing

Have you noticed that everyone is talking about happiness? How to improve the happiness and overall quality of life is today’s no.1 issue. And it is not just an individual quest for one’s own happiness – now is a time of intense focus on how to improve the happiness of others in care, at school and in the workplace.

The World Happiness Forum promotes dialogue on tools and techniques for human happiness and wellbeing. How can happiness be increased? How can it be sustained? What are the qualities of a happy and meaningful life?

Here’s how we can help:homenew

Our blog: The internet’s biggest online treasury of happiness and wellbeing content, ebooks and videos.

Our conferences:  Happiness & Its Causes is the world’s leading conference on happiness and wellbeing.

Our exhibitions: introducing The Wellness Show, a showcase of opportunity, innovation and technology.

Day of Happiness: an annual celebration around the UN World Day of Happiness. .

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