About us

Quite simply, our goal is to promote happiness and wellbeing. We believe that there is no one single approach that suits all people at all times. That’s why we stimulate dialogue between science, psychology and philosophy stoneinto the many and varied causes and conditions for human happiness. We do this with online resources, conferences and exhibitions. Our events include: 

Happiness & Its Causes: established for over 10 years as the world’s leading conference on the tools and techniques for a happier life. Held in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia. LINK.

Mind & Its Potential
: an exploration of human potential informed by the fascinating science of brain plasticity. LINK.

The Wellness Show: a showcase of innovation, opportunities and technology in the wellness industry. LINK.


In addition to our conferences, exhibitions and on-line content, WHF organizes the Day of Happiness in Australia, coinciding with the United Nations International Day of Happiness (www.dayofhappiness.com.au).

WHF is a non-profit body that was established by Australian businessman Tony Steel as a philanthropic vehicle for promotion of happiness, health and wellbeing. Steel is the founder and chairman of global business media company, Terrapinn Limited (www.terrapinn.com).